Slash Cut Slip-On Muffler

Rush proudly introduces the Gangster Slash Cut 4" Slip-on Muffler.
Gangster Mufflers feature a 3" baffle for a deep bass tone and are available in both show quality Chrome or Black Ceramic. Get the big diameter, big performance, and big attitude at a low price that you can't refuse.

Fits '17 and Later Touring M8 Models

Chrome                                                                                                   Black Ceramic
Slash Down #32S01 - 300    3" Baffle MSRP $399.95                                 Slash Down #32S11 - 300    3" Baffle
MSRP $419.95
Slash Up #32S02 - 300    3" Baffle MSRP $399.95                                       Slash Up #32S12 - 300    3" Baffle MSRP $419.95

Replacement Baffles (Sold in Sets): #32S225 - 2.25" Baffle MSRP $99.95

Mufflers and systyems may not meet with EPA or CARB emissions and noise guidelines and may be restricted to off-road use only. Removal of catalyst exhaust system is a violation of state and federal regulations. Contact your municipal, state, or federal agency for specific guidelines.